Friday, November 8, 2013

MBAs seeking out tech jobs, finance not so much

Earlier this week WSJ reported that nationwide we are seeing a shift in the types of jobs MBAs are seeking.  At schools like Cornell, Harvard, MIT, and Yale, the percentage of MBAs getting jobs in finance is dropping and the share of those seeking tech positions is rising.  At Stanford, more MBAs now go into tech than finance; two years ago finance grads outnumbered tech grads 3 to 1.

If you look at the academic offerings at most of these schools, you are not going to see the same shift. Finance and general management continue to dominate.  It will be interesting to see if students start showing more interest in schools with strong tech offerings.  I know one top 20 program that has tracks in supply chain, consumer innovation, high tech entrepreneurship and biosciences management.

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