Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maybe the future does not belong to electric cars

Argues Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente, after Ontario plowed $50m into Magna International for R&D.  A few of the more serious issues: Are customers prepared to pay a premium of $20k for a vehicle "that doesn’t go very far, isn’t very convenient, and runs out of juice as soon as you turn on the air conditioner."  (Caveat: maybe Canadians won't need a/c, but wait, there's global warming, scratch that.)  Wente interviews Manitoba professor Vaclav Smil, who points out that unless all the juice generated to run these cars comes from carbon-neutral sources, there will not be any savings on the carbon front.  Smil also points out that if Ontario were to meet the 2020 target of having 10% of all cars be electric, they better start expanding the grid ASAP.  


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