Thursday, September 23, 2010

SKEMA comes to NC State

The French business school SKEMA is coming to Centennial Campus this January.  There will be about 250-300 students arriving, most of them undergraduates.  SKEMA was formed last year through the merger of two top 10 French business schools: Ceram Business School in Nice and the ESC Lille School of Management.  SKEMA currently operates campuses in Nice, Lille, Paris, Morocco, and China and plans to open a campus in Brazil next year.

What will this mean for NC State students?  At a minimum we will be inviting SKEMA students to campus events, so expect to hear some French accents at next spring's Wachovia lectures.  SKEMA will be sending its own faculty to teach courses, but I would expect that there will be some guest lectures going in both directions.  As we develop relationships with SKEMA faculty, I anticipate the opportunity to provide NC State students with access to a wider range of courses and degrees. 

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