Thursday, September 16, 2010

NC State in WSJ's top 20 schools for corporate recruiters

A new ranking from WSJ: which schools are viewed by corporate recruiters as the most fertile hunting grounds for new talent.  The results were somewhat surprising, unlike other lists of "best colleges" dominated by private schools (many of them in the Ivy League), WSJ's list is dominated by large public universities.  The top three were Penn State, Texas A&M, and Illinois; NC State came in #19.  Click here to see the top 25. 

WSJ cites two main reasons why large state schools are so popular.  The first is essentially an argument about economies of scale: companies are cutting back on the number of core schools and feel they can hire more students per visit at the larger schools.  Second, recruiters feel that graduates of large state schools have the practical skills that make them immediately effective on the job.  Partnerships like NC State's SCRC are especially helpful. 

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