Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kicking it up a notch on grade inflation

Times are tough for many law school graduates.  Saddled with debt.  Few job prospects.  What can a school do to help its alums? 

Amazingly, a number of law schools have decided to increase student grades in courses that already have been completed, according to today's NYT.   Loyola Law School in LA is adding 0.333 to the GRA of all of its recent graduates.  Why?  Apparently Loyola professors had been tougher graders than those at other California law schools, so the school decided they needed to boost grades to make their grads more competitive in a tough market.  Other schools have made the same sort of change, but unlike Loyola they have not announced it to employers. 

A word to the wise to current NC State MBAs: don't hold your breath. 

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