Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do extra MBA concentrations help job seekers?

Business Week online just posted an article with the provocative title "Business School Concentrations: Is More Better?" Full-time students at NC State have enough flexibility in their program to take two full four-course concentrations, and we have definitely seen a trend toward more students taking multiple concentrations even before the current recession. Although students might see a second concentration as an effective hedging strategy, recruiters are often not impressed.
"If you think about it from the recruiter's perspective, especially in a job market that's not particularly robust, the recruiter has more choice," says Julie Morton, associate dean of career services at Chicago Booth. "If I am a recruiter and I have more choice, I'm always going to home in on the student who is really gung-ho about my company, about my industry, and about this function of the job." An easy way for recruiters to sift through the increasingly competitive applicant field is to eliminate students without both academic course work and prior experience related to the job opening.

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