Thursday, December 3, 2009

Data now show unemployment is highest since Great Depression

Confession: I had been holding out hope that unemployment in the current recession would not be higher than it was in the last severe recession of my lifetime 1981-82. I had taken solace in the fact that even at 10.2% in October, unemployment remained below its peak of 10.8% in late 1982. Yesterday's WSJ reports that the aggregate numbers really are not comparable because of changes in the labor market over the last 25+ years. Today's workers are more highly educated; there are more college graduates and fewer high school dropouts. Once you look inside educational categories, Princeton economist Hank Farber shows that unemployment rates are at record highs (at least since 1976 when the data series were created). For instance the unemployment rate for high-school dropouts is 14.9%, up from 13.6% in late 1982-early 1983; the rate for college-grads is 4.9%, up from 3.6%. A sad note on the day of the jobs summit.

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