Friday, April 22, 2016

Professional MBAs take 1st place

Kudos to Professional Jenkins MBAs Pierre Marcella and Graham Ransom who took 1st place yesterday in the Poole College of Management's 8th Annual Leadership and Innovation Showcase.  Teaming with College of Design student Sunny Su, Marcella and Ransom have developed a smart coffee device that can roast, grind AND brew coffee.  Buyers will be able to save a lot of money by doing their own roasting, plus they will get a much tastier brew.

Their project comes from MBA 555 Product Innovation Lab, a course that has been very well received over the years including recognition from Forbes as one of the ten most innovative MBA courses.

Marcella and Ransom will both graduate by the end of the year and they plan to turn their project into a business.  They already have a working prototype.  Looking for a great investment opportunity?

Kudos also to the second place finishers full-time Jenkins MBAs Dana Magliola and Lindsay Schilleman for their research project that measured the size and economic impact of North Carolina's supply chain.

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