Sunday, September 7, 2014

What do you do with Google Fiber?

NYT reports on Kansas City's experience with Google Fiber to date.  The service costs $70 for broadband and another $50 for television.  The take-up rate has been reasonably high: three fourths of households in areas with average income of $100k or more have signed up, as have a third of households in low income areas.  Speed is blazing at one gig per second.  

So what are customers using all of this high powered service for?  The same stuff they do on regular systems, of course!  (The article has lots of snarky comments about how many kitten photos can be downloaded.)  This is no real surprise as no one is likely to develop high-powered apps that only can be used in the few cities that have Google Fibre.  

For there to be network externalities, there needs to be a broader network.  In time I would imagine that high-def two way video, sharing of medical data, and connecting schools will be taken for granted.  The world of work is likely to change as well, making work at home more viable.  One added bonus: another competitor for Time Warner!

Viva Google Fiber; come to Cary ASAP!

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