Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day economics

Two great links to share on VDay:
1)  Stanford b-school economist Paul Oyer shares his thoughts in NYT on how to use economic reasoning to become a better valentine with three tips:

  • Signal your love -- don't get generic gifts like roses or candy; instead do something special for your sweetie such as cooking a favorite dish
  • Invest in yourself -- make yourself a better mate, either by getting more training and education so that your earnings power is enhanced or by enhancing your appearance to make your baby's eye candy all that much sweeter
  • Love the one you're with -- economics is all about optimization but too many people mistakenly think the proverbial grass may be greener and do not understand the costs and risks involved.

2) My colleague Craig Newmark found this story containing 14 Valentine's that economists might send (but hopefully only if their loved one is an economist as well).  My favorite:
The S&P was in the red,But I wasn't blue,Because I shorted the market, And went long on you.  

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