Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Full-time MBA applications down

WSJ reports that applications to full-time, two-year MBA programs fell by 22% worldwide last year.  In the US, 62% of schools reported declines; we had a slight increase in full-time applications here at NC State. 

Some perspective is in order.  Schools had record high enrollments in 2009-2011 in the aftermath of the market crash and the Great Recession.  People who might have otherwise waited until now to start their MBA decided to start earlier because of the difficult labor market. 

Applications grew worldwide for part-time, online and executive MBA programs.  There also was growing demand for one year masters degrees in specialized business topics, degrees largely targeted toward those who have just completed their undergraduate degrees. 

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  1. Yes this was going to happen as full-time MBA is not cheap and many aren’t getting jobs of that scale which everyone expects when they give huge money for to earn degree.