Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MBAs in retail

Bloomberg BusinessWeek is running an online story about opportunities for MBAs in retail.  The article says that Nike, Target and the Gap have become sought-after employers for a rising share of MBAs.  Retail was shaken a decade ago by the growth of e-commerce; it is being shaken again by the emergence of big data.  An MBA with a strong mix of creative and analytical skills will be in a position to contribute. 

The luxury sector continues to be especially strong globally.  NC State launches its new masters program in Global Luxury Management this fall.  The Poole College of Management is partnering with the College of Textiles and SKEMA Business School in France to offer this one year program where students study in Raleigh in the fall and in France in the spring. 

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  1. Creative thinking will create new opportunities in retail for MBA's. There are always people who prefer a personal touch and seeing, smelling or feeling the product. It's knowing how to reach out to them.