Monday, July 9, 2012

Bank runs coming to Europe?

A definite possibility, says Fortune columnist and former FDIC director Sheila Bair.  If withdrawals massively overwhelm deposits over a short period, bank reserves are depleted and, in the absense of deposit insurance, the last depositors in line are left with nothing.  Deposit insurance is designed to mitigate that risk and in the US it has largely served its purpose.  However, each country in Europe runs its own deposit insurance system and the ability of the Greek, Italian or Spanish governments to take on more debt to bail out their citizens is limited at best. 

A further complication: if a country such as Greece decides to leave the euro, it will end up converting all accounts to drachmas which will no doubt be worth much less than the euros they would be replacing.  Fear of such a currency conversion could in and of itself launch a bank run as Greeks move their assets to safer countries. 

Bair endorses the creation of a EU-wide deposit insurance fund.  We will see how this plays out over the coming weeks. 


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