Friday, June 8, 2012

MBA jobs in fashion and luxury

MBAs have long had a reputation for spending on BMWs, yachts and high end fashion.  BW reports that MBAs now see these sectors as good employment opportunities.  The luxury sector has historically ignored MBAs, but this has changed in recent years thanks to technology, social media, and big data.  Also there has been a surge of high end startups that want MBAs to develop and execute growth strategies.

NC State's Jenkins Graduate School of Management is teaming with the College of Textiles and SKEMA Business School to start a one year's masters program in Global Luxury Management.  Students will spend the fall in Raleigh taking courses in consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, brand management, textile and apparel technology, and creativity.  They will then spend the spring in SKEMA's campus in Sophia Antipolis France (outside Nice), followed by an internship.  The program, designed to leverage NC State's strengths in innovation and its partnership with SKEMA, launches this fall.


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