Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tariffs on solar panels

Just as Americans are paying near $4/gallon of gasoline, today the U.S. Commerce Department announced that it was imposing tariffs on Chinese manufacturers of solar panels.  The tariffs are being imposed because -- horror of horrors! -- the Chinese government was subsidizing their own solar panel manufacturers.  Even worse (in the Fed's eyes at least), the Chinese were selling panels to American customers at prices below cost.  No word yet on how big the tariffs will be, but certainly we can count on the cost of solar panels rising.  Politically this is a bit of a head-scratcher; it should alienate the environmental crowd and there is no union of solar panel makers to placate. 


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  3. Please let me understand this, for a long time nobody in the government really cared about solar,
    and at a time not that long ago, clients were needed to market solar to.

    So, now, with the current regime still clinging to power, they have thought it best to raise
    the price of solar after a firm which was owned by Germans in Germany, made noise,
    meanwhile the current Regime is stealing from everyone and of course reading this email as I type it.

    Okay, so with the Fukishima danger flowing everyday against our shores, and Chinese solar firms
    whose products dont seem to cost as near much as our overrated made in the US with a certain kind of
    dedicated workers, its no wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

    Okay, what’s next, no toilet paper unless it’s made to last longer?

    Seriously, the nutjobs in our government need a spanking.

    Solar is hard enough trying to sell it for summer 2013, imagine the clients now have to absorb
    the extra 30 to 40 cents more for getting solar pv.

    And wait, there’s more, the public, who can’t get loans, could have, from CHINA, and guess what,

    CHINA DOES NOT NEED US and as things go, they may start collecting since we pissed them off.
    Ask Snowden – and I am sure that while you are reading this, the stupid ones similar to the very tall ones, from invader zIM, are clueless why the unemployment is rising very high as well.

    oh, well, after 34 years selling solar, maybe its time to go play on the beach, in Xiamen, or Peru
    and watch the cannibals of the USA eat each other.

    It’s a sad time we live in, 2013.

    Very sad, we are almost living in 1792, and Voltaire is laughing at our stupidity too.

    I am James Robert Seidel

    Look me up on vk and google.