Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well we thought we had a deal

Last Thursday there appeared to be a breakthrough deal to recapitalize banks, manage Greek sovereign debt and insure against future defaults.  Actually was starting to prepare a blog entry on it last night.  Good thing I waited.  Today the Greek PM George Papandreou announces that there will be a public referendum on the deal.  Given the public resentment that Greeks (see this WSJ article from Saturday on how tough things already are in the private sector) have about bankers and politicians in other EU countries dictating their living standards, the analyses I have seen so far suggest one of two outcomes: (1) Papandreou made a rash emotional decision without consulting anyone and his government will fall in the next 48 hours or (2) Papendreou never intended to live by any agreement and is using the referendum to hold onto power. 

Dilemma for the average Greek thinking about how to vote in the referendum (if it ever takes place): the deal offered last week called for a 50% markdown of sovereign debt in return for continued borrowing from foreign parties -- how does that compare for an Argentine style 100% markdown that would then cut Greece off from foreign sources of capital?  Lack of access to foreign capital would mean that the Greeks would have to balance their budget deficit cold turkey OR print lots of the new currency and run the risk of hyperinflation. 

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