Friday, July 15, 2011

Sustainability update

Dean Ira Weiss has appointed a task force to make recommendations about how the Poole College of Management can create a center of excellence in the area of sustainability.  Scott Showalter will be chairing the task force; other members include Ted Baker, Mark Beasley, Rob Handfield, Roger Mayer, Paul Mugge, and Ray Palmquist.  Dean Weiss has charged them to develop "a strategy for the college that incorporates the varying strengths we have in our core areas of expertise."  The task force is expected to report back to the college before the end of the fall semester.

Also on the sustainability front, WSJ ran a short piece Monday about job opportunities.  Coca-Cola and UPS have recently appointed CSOs (chief sustainability officers).  The article also notes that renewable energy is gearing up.  

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