Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is the MBA job market picking up?

Yes, according to Business Week, which cites rising demand in consulting and financial services (wealth management seems to be the new hot field; investment banking, not so much).  MIT grads are seeing more opportunities in tech companies; health care and biosciences companies also appear to be hiring more MBAs. 

Still the overall job market continues to look anemic.  Economists were forecasting 150k new jobs in January; the actual yield was 36k.  The unemployment rate did fall to 9%, but this happened because many people gave up looking for jobs.  And just wait until this summer when state and local governments begin laying off employees as they deal with their budget issues.  Let's hope that bad January weather (but isn't it always snowy in January?) caused the weak jobs report. 

The good news at NC State is that the February MBA list of visiting employers is sizing up well. 

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