Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notice a pattern here?

Today's NYT column by Tom Friedman rehashes some familiar themes from his World is Flat opus, including the impact of technology and globalization on labor markets.  But his last paragraph is thought-provoking:

Last week, the 32 winners of Rhodes Scholarships for 2011 were announced — America’s top college grads. Here are half the names on that list: Mark Jia, Aakash Shah, Zujaja Tauqeer, Tracy Yang, William Zeng, Daniel Lage, Ye Jin Kang, Baltazar Zavala, Esther Uduehi, Prerna Nadathur, Priya Sury, Anna Alekeyeva, Fatima Sabar, Renugan Raidoo, Jennifer Lai, Varun Sivaram.

And we want to still make it hard with foreign nationals with advanced degrees from US universities to put down roots here? 

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