Sunday, July 25, 2010

NC State tuition going up

The legislature successfully completed its budget work on time this year, for which they are to be applauded.  The NC House and Senate faced many difficult decisions, one of which was funding for the UNC system.  The 2010-11 budget ended up cutting the system's budget by $70 million, but allowed each campus to raise tuition by up to $750 to offset the effects of the cut.  NC State has chosen to increase tuition by the full $750.  This will be on top of the $200 increase already approved for graduate students.  For more details, see Chancellor Woodson's letter to the university community

The tuition premium for the Jenkins MBA will be the same next year as it has been since 2007.  It will be a struggle to keep the tuition premium stable for much longer.  NC State's MBA program continues to grow and the state's ability to fund that growth is uncertain.  Capping enrollment is a possible option, but one that would deny advancement opportunities to many and prevent the program from becoming more visible.  Increasing class sizes and restricting the availability of some of the less popular courses is the path we could follow if enrollment grows while tuition stays the same.  Dean Weiss and I will be conferring with Chancellor Woodson and Provost Arden about the best overall course of action.


  1. Steve,

    In the first paragraph I believe "billion" should be "million".


  2. Craig: Thanks for the correction. Steve