Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two MBA items of note

Business Week has recently posted two articles of interest. One deals with the success (or lack thereof) that various schools have had in recruiting full-time students this fall. The top ten schools experienced surges in applications and had higher than expected yields over the summer, resulting in crowded classrooms. The experience at second tier schools was mixed and not nearly so robust. At Jenkins we were able to almost double the size of our entering full-time class, which I attribute to the program's affordability and technology focus.

The other article deals with every MBA's best friend -- the GMAT. In today's labor market, employers have become more choosy and a rising share are using GMAT scores to decide which schools from which to recruit and to decide which applicants to interview. So now MBA applicants face extra pressure to ace the test. Maybe some of these companies should just use the GMAT to make hiring decisions and save students the trouble of two years of lost earnings and tuition?

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  1. Wow, that is particularly disturbing. The GMAT is a pretty good measure of how well one does on standardized tests, but seems to have little relevance anywhere else.

    Have you ever gone back at your school and checked the correlation between GMAT scores and GPA/time to finish?