Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A quieter week at NC State (so far)

NC State has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to the events associated with the hiring of the former governor's wife and her promotion last year. The resignations of Chancellor Oblinger and Provost Nielsen come at a difficult time, given the funding cuts that NC State is likely to see in the next fiscal year. Interim Provost Arden and Vice-Chancellor Leffler have requested reports from each college indicating what would happen under different budget scenarios including a cut of as much as 18 percent. The College of Management submitted its report on schedule two days ago.

Regardless of what the legislature decides on the budget, NC State MBA students should not notice very much of an impact on class availability this fall. I have been working over the years to increase choice for students, including the recent offerings of one-hour courses and courses with a travel component scheduled during breaks in the semester. The one-hour course schedule for fall was just released for Nelson Hall and should come out any day now for the Research Triangle Park campus.

The greatness of NC State is a function of its academic programs, research, and outreach -- and success depends ultimaltely on the efforts of students, faculty, and staff. Dean Weiss, Pam Bostic and I continue to be fully committed to making the Jenkins MBA program one of NC State's most visible and recognized programs.

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  1. Great information, Dr. Allen. Thanks for communicating how budget cuts affect the MBA program, and more specifically, class offerings.